Bisley Village Hall

Jubilee Hall Roof
Work to replace the Jubilee Hall roof was completed in 2009

Schedule for Jubilee Hall Roof Project

Work begins April 27th 2009. The work will last for approximately 6 weeks.

On Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th April scaffolding will be put up around the building. Security fencing will go around the scaffolding so that the site can be secured at night.

One of the major parts of the project will be the arrival of the A frames for the roof. These are huge and will arrive by lorry on Thursday 30th April.

Apart from getting access to water and electricity the builders should not need to gain access to the building. They will be on site most days, weather permitting. The builders will carry security badges provided by us if you have any doubts as to who they are.

There will be no building work on June 4th - Local election day

A key part of the project will be the replacement of the doors and windows.

The windows will be replaced from Wednesday 10th June until Tuesday 16th June.

The project was completed August/September 2009 with funds of £64,000 raised from

Strawberry Fayres 2003 - 2008
Sita (Waste Disposal Services)
Bisley Almac Brass Band 2005-2008
Bisley Common Society 2005
Bisley W.I. 2005 - 2008
Bisley Eventide Club 2006
Bisley Bingo Club 2006 - 2008
Johnson Wax 2005 -2006
Surrey County Council
Bisley Village Hall Reserve Fund

Many thanks to everyone who contributed.


The new roof has improved the look of the outside of the Village Hall it has also enabled us to improve the entrance lobby which used to collect leaves in the Autumn.
There are now new glass double doors across the newly created entrance lobby where there are notice boards giving information about hall user groups. This is now a draught free zone.


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