Bisley Village Hall


Bisley Village Hall was built in 1874 and was originally the chapel to the Shaftesbury School.

TheVillage Hall was opened in 1962 and the Jubilee Hall was added in 1982.

In 1955 a committee, representing all the village organisations, was formed to raise funds to build a new village hall. They started with just £170. Money was to be raised by the residents at fairs, bazaars, dances, ,jumble sales, carol singing etc. By 1959 the total had reached £2,000.

The Shaftesbury School in Bisley closed down and the funds that had been raised, were then used to buy the chapel in 1960 and pay for the conversion. The total cost was £6,100. The village residents had raised £3,500 over 7 yrs.

In 1961 the Hall was transferred from the Shaftesbury Homes and Arethusa Training Ship for the sum of £500. In 1962 the hall was opened as Bisley Village Hall and charitable status was conferred on the Hall.

(In 2001, 40 yrs later the Hall had to be insured for £600,000 and we are grateful to the Shaftesbury Homes for their transfer to Bisley Village Hall).

Over the years we have been contacted by people tracing their family histories. We do not have records of all the boys that were at the Farm School & Shaftesbury Schools, but we do have the names of the boys who gave their lives in WW1 and WW2. The first list is from the school log book and the second from the memorial tablets (Appendix G "A Hundred Years Behind The Times" by Tim Price) which used to be on the front of the chancel walls of the Chapel. They were removed when the school was closed and sold in 1961.


In 1999 to mark the Millennium the Village Hall was used as the venue for the VILLAGE MILLENNIUM NEW YEAR CELEBRATION PARTY. Held on Friday 31st December 1999 until Saturday 1st January 2000. Certainly a night to remember !!

Replacement Roof for the Jubilee Hall 2009 (Click here to see pictures and for information)

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