We had a seriously leaking flat roof (Easter 2017).The rainwater was coming through and
into the building. Some of this had been occuring over many, many years and had been
damaging the internal walls of the building,creating damp areas throughout the foyer area.
The flat roof was on several different levels. We had to have the whole roof replaced to stop
any further deterioration.There also had to be
additional external drainage to prevent the
nasty smell that had been getting worse in the entrance hall where there was internal drainage.

Having received £10,000 of Lottery Funding
for which we were very grateful. Together
with other grants & donations and our own
fundraising it means we now have a new
flat roof over the entrance and foyer,
ready for Setember 2017

We hope to replace the windows in the Main Hall and Chancel in 2018 to keep the building
warmer, cut done on energy costs, and look aesthetically pleasing.
The leaded windows in the Main Hall are very warped, and some pieces of glass are cracked or